We make digital

Digital solution is a strategic channel for creating customer touch points. We believe in our partners and their ability to retain the customer relationship, and we strive to be the platform to support companies to secure this crucial customer interface. We believe in simplicity, efficiency and enablement.

Digital offering

In order to be digital you need to have the right solutions. These products require a lot of automatization, and collaborations. We offer a wide range of these innovative products, e.g. for cyber security, artificial intelligence, and digital process management.

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Our Story

Hi, I’m John. In my over 30 years of work, I was annoyed by the various inefficient programs and redundant processes. That's why I founded Weber and Co Consulting / WEBCAL in 2010, today's WEBCAL LLC. With this, I fulfilled my dream of simple, efficient and automated support for everyone involved in the various work areas and processes. I’m confident we have the best digital solutions to reduce effort, gain more important time and create an impact. If you think, you want to be more efficient, please call me!


Zählerweg 5
P.O. Box 7604
6302 Zug